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Genesis 37 – 45 

Joseph was a young man from a large family of shepherds. He had ten older brothers and one younger brother. Out of all those boys, Joseph was the favorite. His father, whose name was Jacob, loved Joseph so very much! It made the other brothers jealous because they knew their father loved Joseph the most.

Palm Sunday

John: 12:9 – 12:19

The city of Jerusalem was in a very busy and excited state.  It was almost time for the Passover Celebration, and this was a very important holiday for the Jewish people. During this festival, they would take special time to remember how God had delivered the Israelites from death and slavery thousands of years ago.  

Jonah and the whale

Jonah: 1 – 3

Jonah was a man who loved God, and God loved him. One day, God asked Jonah to travel to a city called Nineveh and bring a message to the people who lived there. There were many bad people in that city. 

Jonah was told to tell them that God loved them, but would have to punish them because of their great sin. God didn’t want to have to do that, so he asked Jonah to explain that if they would turn to God, and follow His ways, He would forgive their sins and they would be blessed.

Noah and the flood

Genesis 6:9 – 8:19

Noah was a good man, but he lived during a time where the world was filled with terribly bad people. They lived in a way that was wicked and very displeasing to God. Noah really loved God, so his words and actions were different from everyone else. God noticed this and one day spoke to Noah. “Noah,” God said, “out of all the people in the world, you are the only one that is righteous. The evil behavior out there is affecting the whole earth, so I am going to bring a great rain that will flood everything and bring an end to all this wickedness.

Daniel and the lions den

Daniel 6:1 – 6:28

Daniel was a very wise and honorable man. He was forced to leave his homeland and live in Babylon where he was called to serve the king.  Daniel loved God, and decided to trust in Him even if he was far from home.  He was a trustworthy and diligent worker who always did his best and King Darius became very pleased with him. This king gave Daniel a place of high honor and leadership in the land.