About Us

Lifestyle Christianity began in 2014 as the evangelistic ministry of Todd White. Todd — the Founder and President of Lifestyle Christianity — became a Christian in 2004 when he had a powerful salvation experience. Todd was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. He was at the point of suicide when God came into his life and set him free.

Todd White, along with the Lifestyle Christianity Team, travel around the world with a burning passion for people to walk in their God-given identity. To date, Lifestyle Christianity has seen thousands equipped with tools to reach the lost. Through LCU, Power & Love, online and digital media, and Todd’s preaching schedule, the ministry is mobilizing people all over the world to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Lifestyle Christianity desires to see people walk in their God-given identity.

Gripped by the simplicity of the Gospel and what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross, our heart is to see people brave the waves of fear and share the love of Jesus everywhere that they go.


To see a generation walk in their God-given identity.


To equip people to encounter Jesus, walk in freedom, and live the lifestyle.


The Journey, Power + Love, Lifestyle Christianity University

The Journey

Vision: To see every new believer equipped and plugged into a local church.

Mission: Discipling new believers to walk in freedom and live the lifestyle.

Power + Love

Vision: Live the lifestyle Jesus paid for on the cross.

Mission: To equip believers to walk in the power and love of Jesus everywhere they go.

Lifestyle Christianity University

Vision: To reproduce sons and daughters who build Kingdom lifestyle in every sphere of influence.

Mission: To equip you to take the gospel outside of the 4 walls of the church as part of your everyday life.

Encounter jesus. walk in freedom. live the lifestyle.

We are ambassadors of hope to a lost and dying world.