Power & Love
Little Rock, ak

Todd White | Dan Mohler | Jake Hamilton

June 17-18, 2022
701 Napa Valley Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211








Upcoming events

May 15

Encounter w/ Cindy Jacobs | 6pm

May 22

Encounter Night w/ Todd White | 6pm

June 12

Encounter Night | 6pm

June 17

Power and Love
Little Rock, AK

Aug. 26

Power and Love
Brighton, Michigan

Oct. 21

Power and Love
Fort Worth, TX

LCU Experience

Join us for $50 per day.

Can’t attend LCU for a full year? Immerse yourself in the LCU culture for a day, a week or whenever your schedule allows, for only $50 per day. *Please be sure to bring your driver license*

LCU Experience allows you to participate for an entire day as an audit student (single-day, non-enrolled student).