Power & Love

Todd White & Dan Mohler
Worship with Upperroom

January 27 – 28, 2023
5801 McArdle Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78412








Upcoming events

Dec. 11

Encounter Night w/ Dan Mohler

Jan. 15

Encounter Night w/ Todd White

Jan. 27

Power and Love
Corpus Christi, TX

Feb. 5

Encounter Night w/ Patricia King

Feb. 17

Power and Love
New Orleans, LA

Mar. 3

Power and Love
Newton, NC

Mar. 19

Encounter Night w/ Sean Smith

Mar. 31

Power and Love
Long Island, NY

Apr. 14

Power and Love
Fort Worth, TX

Apr. 16

Encounter Night w/ Heidi Baker

Apr. 28

Power and Love
Toledo, OH

May 5

Power and Love
Sebring, FL

May 19

Power and Love
Fresno, CA

June 9

Power and Love
Joliet, IL

Aug. 18

Power and Love
Mobile, AL

Sep. 22

Power and Love
Brighton, MI

Oct. 20

Power and Love
Fort Worth, TX

Nov. 3

Power and Love
Abilene, TX

LCU Experience

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Can’t attend LCU for a full year? Immerse yourself in the LCU culture for a day, a week or whenever your schedule allows, for only $50 per day. *Please be sure to bring your driver license*

LCU Experience allows you to participate for an entire day as an audit student (single-day, non-enrolled student).