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At Lifestyle Christianity, we’re passionate about equipping people to be the love of Jesus to all the earth and to live their lives as worship unto Jesus! We do this through many channels and expressions that provide moments of encounter, teaching, family, and the space to worship Jesus freely.


Experience freedom in movement, encounter Jesus and grow in dance.

LC CHurch

Where community becomes family! Encounter Jesus and walk in freedom! 


The truth and reality of Jesus is transforming lives across the world.

power & Love

Through these 3-day schools, the church is being equipped and activated to share the love of Christ everywhere they go.


Serving and equipping the body of Christ. Read our Blog, subscribe to weekly letters from Todd White, or invest in apparel, books, and DVD’s.


Identity training program created to equip a generation to live from the reality of who they are in Christ and be the love of Jesus to all the world.

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