Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. He was at the point of suicide when God came into his life and set him free. Todd has been living the Gospel since 2005. Todd’s heart is to equip the church and activate them to live a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle by helping them to “get out of the boat” and “brave the waves of fear”–empowered by the Holy Spirit. Todd loves sharing the simplicity of the Gospel of the Kingdom and what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross, which is the measuring stick of God’s love for us.
Lifestyle Christianity is committed to teaching the practical truths of the Bible with a specific focus on redemption and identity in Christ.  Through Todd’s teaching and preaching as well as the use of media, Lifestyle Christianity extends the message of the Gospel. Through Power and Love events, the ministry creates a “teach and do” environment where participants are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God.
Lifestyle Christianity is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, regular office hours are not available. If you would like to contact the ministry via mail, please write to: Lifestyle Christianity Inc. 729 Grapevine Hwy Suite 220 Hurst, TX 76054.
Lifestyle Christianity is overseen by Todd White and a board of directors.


This has been one of the most challenging things for Todd. He would love to be able to read every individual letter and personally speak with and pray for all those who call or write the ministry. However, because of time constraints, his many responsibilities, and his desire to stay faithful to God and focused on the Lord’s call for his life, he is not able to respond personally to the many requests he receives. When he is not traveling, he focuses his time on his family. We know that there are urgent needs that have prompted you to reach out to Todd. Unfortunately, we are sorry to say that discussing your situation is simply not possible. We encourage you to watch the many videos of Todd’s teachings online to strengthen your faith during this time in your life.
Todd and Lifestyle Christianity give priority to speaking invitations that allow the ministry to host a Power & Love. These four-day training events equip people in their identity and empower them to walk it out in their everyday life. This is the heartbeat of Lifestyle Christianity. To find more information on how to host a Power & Love, click on “Power & Love” and locate the section about hosting a Power & Love. If you’re not able to host a Power & Love, you may still fill out the speaking request form on this site, but priority will be given to churches and ministries that are open to coordinating a Power & Love in their respective city or town.
If you would like to write us about a testimony or thank Todd for how your life has been impacted, we would love you to share it with us using our contact form. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will receive a response regarding your testimony, but we will do our very best to read about how God has moved in your life!


A Lifestyle Christianity partner is someone who’s made a decision to support the ministry through prayer and/or regular financial donations. Our partners make everything we do possible. If the ministry of Todd and Lifestyle Christianity has changed your life, consider becoming a partner.
As a partner with Lifestyle Christianity, you are changing lives around the world. With your support, every day we are equipping people in their identity and empowering them to walk it out in their daily experience. To become a partner, we do not require you to give any certain amount. We simply encourage you to pray and seek God’s guidance in this decision.
Make your monthly donation online. To increase your giving, make your update online.


Yes. We recruit volunteers for our events. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out our online contact form and mention the event/city that you would like to volunteer.


Lifestyle Christianity–along with other organizations–must pay processing fees in order to deposit support funds. Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) can be less than half the cost of processing other types of donations. In addition, Lifestyle Christianity accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Weekly or monthly donations are preferred as they allow us to plan most effectively as the Lord expands the impact of the ministry.
Yes. Any charitable contribution to Lifestyle Christianity s tax-deductible. Please keep your receipts as end-of-the-year giving statements are not sent at this time. Lifestyle Christianity is recognized to be exempt from Federal Income Tax as described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
Gifts made with a credit or debit card are processed the same day. Gifts made from a checking account are processed within three to five business days.
At this time, we do not provide an annual contribution statement. However, email receipts are sent each time a gift is processed, and these email receipts are designed specifically to serve as proof of your tax deductible donation.
Yes, we have taken extreme measures to go beyond expectations and attain the top level of PCI Compliancy Standards – PCI Level 1 Compliance which is utilized by credit card and major financial institutions. In other words, this means that all transactions are maintained in a secure environment.
Yes. Neither Lifestyle Christianity nor any of our technology development teams will sell or rent your information to third parties. Your contact and demographic information are stored in a unique file in a secure environment separate from our website and its servers.
Yes. You may cancel or make changes to your pending contributions at any time. Once your gift has been processed, you are unable to make changes to it through our website. If you would like to make a change to your online giving, please click here to fill out our Partner Questions form.
If you still have other questions, please click here fill out our Partner Questions form to ask other questions relating to financial partnership.