A place for new believers.

Belong is a place for new believers to come and hear the Gospel and be a part of what they were created for. Discipleship is not a program, it’s family.  

Belong is designed to be a net to catch people that were just born again or seeking the truth of Jesus and need to be discipled and plugged into the local church.

Belong started with two new believers getting baptized in a swimming pool and being discipled in the word inside Pastor Chris’ house (Lead pastor of LCU). In September of 2019, we moved that meeting from living rooms to the cafe of Lifestyle Christianity, where God began to move in ways that truly reflected the book of Acts and has only continued and increased as time’s gone by. Our second week of meeting at Lifestyle Christianity we baptized 19 people, which was just the beginning of seeing weekly salvations, baptisms, and signs and wonders. It grew so quickly that we added a second night to our weekly meeting. Now, every Tuesday and Thursday night people’s lives are changed and radically transformed through the simplicity of worship, testimony, community, and teaching, all followed by baptisms with every meeting being branded by the power of the Holy Spirit! 

Since that first meeting, we have built a team of over 40 Belong Volunteers who serve weekly in various capacities and consider Tuesday or Thursday their favorite night of the week. Recently, we have implemented a greater commitment to Discipleship by offering a 4-week “Belong 2.0 Intensive” to help get new believers grounded in the fundamentals of Christianity and to offer our Belong Team the necessary tools to truly “Make disciples.” Belong also offers one-on-one meetings and discipleship for those who have just been baptized, offering a place for new believers to Belong and become true disciples of Jesus!

Since Belong began, we have seen 302 people baptized, with at-least 10 salvations/rededications occurring every single meeting! Meetings have been marked by immense power of the Holy Spirit, baptisms in water, baptisms of the Holy Spirit, signs, wonders, a hunger for Christ, and family. Belong is exactly what its name embodies, a place for anyone to come and encounter the love of Christ and belong!


weekly salvations

Belong Testimony

This man came to Belong last night and encountered God in a powerful way. It started by his left ear being healed. He said that it sounded like a washing machine and he couldn’t hear out of it very well at all. After we prayed he said it was totally healed and that it was better than his good ear. He then gave his life to Jesus and wanted to be water baptized when he came out of the water he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. It was powerful!

Healing, salvation, water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit all in the same hour.