Exciting News: Training Center

Thank you so much to the 700+ people that have given towards the Training Center since our Update Call last Thursday. Together, you have given over $200,000 in just four days! As of right now, over 3.7 million has been given in addition to 1.1 million that we designated from our general fund!

We have an 8.2 million dollar goal to hit today in order to purchase this amazing facility!

This may seem like a ‘far stretch,’ but this goal is more attainable than you may think! For example, we know that about 100,000 people have interacted (liked or commented) on the Facebook page in the past week. Mathematically, if each person interacting with this post gave $82, that would equal $8.2 million — which means we would completely pay off this ‘Center for multiplication‘! Every financial gift given will go 100% towards the Training Center.

This is an impossible vision without faith, but we have tons of faith and I’m asking you to join your faith with ours. We want to raise up ambassadors with the life-giving power of Jesus!

Thank you for praying with us, believing with us, and standing with us as we see this God-sized vision come to pass!

To support the vision financially today, click here: LifestyleChristianity.com/Multiply