A Life Filled with One Narrative

Life is filled with narratives — many voices in the world are trying to fill the void in the human heart. Man, people are caught up listening to voices from everything — corporate America… Hollywood. These voices are trying hard to capture our attention. There so many voices out there that want to fill you up with their message. They always make promises…saying certain things in life will be life-changing. Before I gave my life to Christ, I was on dope. I thought getting high was my life’s answer. I chased after what drugs could offer everyday. It led me to lying, cheating and stealing. I was in this hopeless state. It then led me to a porn addiction…that was this new narrative trying to capture my attention. My life was in shambles.

This led me to a life where bullets were running me down. I was suppose to be shot dead in a drug deal gone bad. Life around other drug addicts was sinister — a life filled with bad intentions. Each person is trying to get over on each other. That’s why God had to change the narrative in my life. The bullets were meant for me, but God stopped them. This is why I will never let Corporate America be the voice in my life…I will never let Hollywood fill my void. You see, I was so desperate to be loved…I just looked in the wrong places. I was trying to get my fix of love in the world of drugs. That’s what rejection looks like. It looks for love in the wrong places.

Now I know the love that I truly needed was the love of Jesus. I am not some religious guy living by rules. People may think I live this strict life filled with rules. Really, I chose a life that is obedient to love. I chose a life that’s narrative is filled with God’s love. People think I’m bold, but it’s really the tug of God’s love for people it causes me to be bold in public. Boldness comes from my identity in Christ. My desire isn’t to be popular or well-known. I just want people of all walks of life to be defined by God’s culture. I don’t want them to battle rejection. I want them to realize what it means to be accepted. This is my “why” in life…it’s the reason that I have been on fire for God from the moment I was born again.

Some of you may be filling the narrative with things in this world. I have tried this for many years of my life, and it left me burning for the world. I was empty inside…lost in a false narrative. The only thing that will separate you from the emptiness of this life is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is what totally changed me. It made me a better man, son, husband, father, and friend. The Love of God has become my motive…my heart beat and my overall mandate. I want to spread the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Man, take a step back with me for a moment. God is so radical that He sent His only Son for you. Think about that. The Father gave us the Son to transform us so we can live a life with Christ as our Savior. God is so real. He has your back and your front. He cares for you so much. Let’s journey together in the next few months on this blog and learn what’s it is like to give up your life for Christ. It’s a life of obedience to Gods grace — lived in Gods love. We can live this life by pouring into the Word of God. I am excited about this journey of bringing the culture of heaven here on earth. I’m fixated on changing the culture of the world with God’s love.

I love you,

Todd White