Leaving An Imprint

Hey Guys,

I want to make sure that everywhere I go, I leave an imprint on the world around me. Because there’s nobody else that can leave an imprint like me because I’m the only me. And there’s no one else that can leave an imprint like YOU because you’re the only YOU that God created!!

Isn’t that awesome? We don’t have to spend another minute trying to be like anyone else. We can just spend time with our Father and He tells us exactly who we are. We are created to love Him — to worship Him — and to be full of the joy that only comes from Him.

Before I was saved, I had no clue what real love or joy even was. I was always trying to satisfy my flesh. I had cravings of the world that had me chasing a lifestyle that belonged to the world. I now live in the pleasure and goodness of God because I have a living relationship with Jesus.

This is why I live a life where praying and encouraging as many people that I can is “normal.” It doesn’t matter if I am at the airports or when I am in line at the store. It isn’t just at speaking events that I am preaching. My life is an event with the Father, and the lifestyle I choose to live is what I preach.

The Scripture below is really powerful — written by a doctor named Luke — right after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Acts 1:1 – “In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach.”

Luke carefully documented the life of Jesus and lived it out for the rest of his days. He left his imprint by writing his Gospel. The imprint of the life of Jesus was how He lived and what He taught. What He taught, He lived. I want everything I teach to become the standard that I live . . . in front my family, friends, and anyone else I encounter.

I want to live this life in front of the world to see me burning with the love and joy of the Father. This is why we do Power & Love events around the world. This is why I am starting the Training Center so that I can take the message in Acts chapter 1 and take it to every person on the earth. This is my mandate.

Come join me on the journey of spreading the Gospel to the four corners of the Earth. Find out how we can do this together, HERE: https://lifestylechristianity.com/multiply/

I love you guys,

Todd White