Creating a Culture By Identity

Hey Guys!

You know that I go a lot of places, and I’m totally overwhelmed everywhere I go . . . I get to watch thousands of people wake up to their life in Christ, and I have the privilege of sharing my heart with amazing men and women of God – it’s just amazing w​hat God’s doing in this ministry, but I find it even more amazing to spend time in my secret place – every day – before an audience of One.

I live and have my being IN Him, and I have a relationship with my Father that’s outstanding. He’s my Daddy! He LOVES me. I am possessed by the fact of His love. I am consumed by the truth of what God says about me because nothing else gets to define who I am – not my past, not my mistakes, not even what my natural parents might have said when I was a kid. I read my Bible, and – when I open it – I just say, “YES!”

​ ​
This is the exciting part of our journey. We get to say “YES!” each day to our Heavenly Father. We are sons of our Father and He loves us!! Our Heavenly Father wants us to be consumed by Him – fully aware of the high price that Jesus paid for us to have abundant life! That word “abundance” means violent or excessive – or violently excessive!!

When I think about the cross and what was made available through the cross, I can’t help but share my Father with everyone around me. No one should live this life as an orphan – not knowing our Heavenly Father that loves them with violent excess!

I pray you pursue your Heavenly Father with all of your mind, body, and soul . . . and that the full revelation of His love be made known to you today. The reality of your sonship will come alive when you spend time with the best Dad in the whole world!

Yay God!

Todd White