First-ever Lifestyle Christianity Team Ministry Trip

Lifestyle Christianity recently offered our first-ever international team trip! This past January, a team of forty six people from across the United States converged on the Dominican Republic to share the Gospel of the Kingdom alongside other Dominican believers! While attending the four-day Power & Love event in held in Villa Altagracia, our team accompanied the Dominican people as they shared the love of Jesus outside the four walls of the church. The result was astounding; the region was rocked for Jesus!

Our team saw so many miracles on the times of “love in action” throughout the city! Paralytics walked, stroke victims were healed, broken bones were healed, blind eyes were healed, many deaf heard, and tumors visibly fell off people’s bodies! The love of Jesus and His goodness was so evident. The Gospel is true! As we shared the Gospel of the Kingdom and taught identity in Christ, people that had never prayed for God to do the miraculous were seeing astounding miracles right before their eyes.

We recently received this testimony from Victor who attended Power & Love in the Dominican Republic. “During Power & Love, I saw a man healed who had three knee pins from a motorcycle accident healed. After we prayed, all the pain was gone! I saw another man get hit by a car and break his thigh bone. After two woman from the Dominican church prayed for him, he was completely healed and gave his life to Christ. In another instance, several young kids were with us. They prayed for a man’s uneven leg to grow out, and the man was healed of all his back pain due to his shortened leg. There are tons of testimonies, but I just wanted to share these three testimonies because they were just amazing! ‘Power & Love’ impacted how I live my lifeeveryday! I now see every person as someone that needs to experience the love of God!”
More team trips will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details. Be sure to follow @ToddWhiteLC and @LifestyleChristianity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest information.