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Bringing Christians to Christ, Transforming the Church, so that we can reach the world with the Gospel!


The Lifestyle of Christianity

As you know from my messages, my heart burns to spread this message to millions! I feel like I am walking into a new frontier. I’ve never been in a place to ask for partners before but, in order to accomplish what I feel The Lord wants me to, I know I will need financial partners to do so. Would you consider helping us to empower a generation who will make this fiery supernatural lifestyle of Christianity a normal and daily experience. Thank you for prayerfully considering! Bless you!

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Just a few of the hundreds of testimonies

Dear Todd: I just watched the video of your testimony (Power of Love Truth and Grade). I am truly touched. I have a 17 year old son that had battled a drug addition for about 3+ years. His father was abusive, alcoholic and after our divorce, he abandoned him…

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Last Thursday, I attended the 7pm session of the Power and Love school in Lexington, ky. It was a wonderful and powerful evening. At the end of the night, Todd asked all the people who needed any kind of healing to stand…

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My name is Leigh Anne. In December of 2010 I was put in the hospital due to some complications being pregnant with my fourth child. I am a Type One Diabetic and have had it since I was seven years old. Being pregnant and huge and uncomfortable the nurses gave me pain meds every four hours…

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Hi Todd and team!
My name is John and I’m writing to you from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m not quite sure if you’ll get to read this message, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. This is just to share with you the impact you have had on my life and the lives of so many here. I grew up in a christian home where my parents are pastors…

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I been listening on youtube to dan mohler and todd white. also some others like curry blake. now I been in church most of my life and i never heard this stuff. I heard I am no good down low rotten dirty sinner, and believe me, I lived that way. I am 63 and I got saved at age 40 out of the lesbian lifestyle…

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Hey Pastor Todd!!!
About a week ago you met me and my family outside of Hollywood Studios in Disney World. You asked if your little girl could pray for me knee and I accepted because I was always taught that children have faith that we has adults will never have…

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In September, I moved my whole family from Chicago to Washington, DC. The move was for a temporary duty assignment at a government agency. Right when I arrived, I was put on a very demanding project. The job was crazy with long hours, intensity, micromanagement, and poor leadership. It did not take long before I was feeling pretty low and hopeless about my situation. My wife and I had agreed that the move would be good for us since we could save for a house, but we knew the transition was going to be hard without having any support network…

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Hey! so i have a testimony on how God changed my life! Dude i’m on fire! It all started about a year ago! I enlisted into the USMC it was my dream! but a week before I Was supposed to ship out to boot camp I severely sprang my ankle. I still tried going in but they pushed my ship date back a few months. Within that time I found your videos. I saw you manifesting the kingdom of God and living a normal christian lifestyle. I realized that I wanted to live this new lifestyle! I started to grow this crazy fire to go and live for Jesus 100%, but at the same time i was struggling with a great fear of my recruiters, and second guessing myself about joining the Marines!

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Would you consider helping us to empower a generation who will make this fiery supernatural lifestyle of Christianity a normal and daily experience?

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